By means of the due observance and respect of the laws, Internal Regulations and other legal provisions ruling the operation of the Institution, while they are linked to the performance of its duties, since they constitute the limit​​s of the performance of the authority before the society.

Preserving the honest performance of its powers by means of filing a complaint of any act or conduct intended to the inobservance of the applicable legal framework.


By observing at any time the guiding objective of law​ enforcement, without making personal judgments or subjective interpretations. 

Likewise, by performing all duties without granting advantages or unlawful privileges, with a fair, tolerant and non-discriminatory treatment.


By responsibly performing all duties of law enforcement, permanently training and meticulously studying all entrusted issues, therefore strengthening the integrity of the assignment.

With a deep sense of belonging to the Institution and a complete identification with its Vision and Mission, incorporating knowledge, efficacy, experience, and capacity in the fulfillment of these objectives. 


Through a diligent and expeditious performance, as well as by means of the suitable use of the work instruments and tools provided by the Institution. 


By abstaining from using the public position for obtaining personal benefits or advantages, aside from the corresponding wage payment; from intervening for the resolution of personal or business affairs; as well as from using in an unjustified manner the Institution resources.

Saying what we do and doing what we say, is to properly and effectively perform our duties, with respect to the demands and exigencies of the society regarding the law enforcement.

By recognizing the bond with law enforcement derived from the incorporation to the Institution, in such a way that it is  ​strengthened and protected by the daily work, as well as recognizing the confidentiality of information and documentation the personnel is given access to or of which the personnel has knowledge of, avoiding its oral or written disclosure.


By guaranteeing the right of all citizens to access the information related to the activities of the Institution, observing clarity in all works and accessibility for those who have legal and legitimate interest in the cases concerning the Institution, offering understandable and verifiable information.


By the prudent and moderate practice of its powers and the unrestricted respect for the fundamental human rights and constitutional rights provided for in our Constitution and the international treaties signed by Mexico.


Through joint actions that strengthen teamwork, placing the Institute and society’s interest ahead of all others. 

By establishing interpersonal relations based on harmony, ​confidence, mutual support and open communication that lead to the fulfillment of institutional goals and objectives, through a team work spirit.


By always observing the legal provisions that rule the execution of our duties, in order to give the society certainty and security regarding the performance of the public servants in law enforcement.


Through a sensible and tolerant behavior, so that the public  ​servants can avoid acting with carelessness, lightness or negligence, thus preventing the emergence of any adverse situation within the Institution or for its personnel, as well as minimizing risks in the performance of duties.


By means of an attitude that is diligent, assertive and useful to the society, in order to apply intelligence and creative capability to a technical, legal and moral aptitude, as essential conditions for the access to and practice of the public function.